Economic impact of duty free and travel retail in Europe

A 2016 report commissioned by the Duty Free World Council on the impact of duty free and travel retail in Europe. The report finds that in 2016 the duty free and travel retail industry was contributing around 6.5bn EUR to the European economy, and supporting over 100,000 direct jobs.


Economic consequences in Denmark of abolishing duty free sales in intra-EU travel

A 1996 report examining the potential consequences of the abolition of duty free sales in Europe for intra-EU travellers.


Study: The economic consequences of duty free abolition – a case study for the Netherlands

A 1998 study examining the potential impact of the abolition of duty free in the EU on the Netherlands.

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Introducing Arrivals Duty & Tax Free in the European Union

This document explores the role Arrivals Duty and Tax Free can play in providing new sources of employment and commercial revenue to the European airports industry, as recommended by the Aviation Round Table Report on the Recovery of European Aviation1, a cross industry strategic blueprint for the sustainable recovery of European aviation.