International Chamber of Commerce – Free Trade Zones

International Chamber of Commerce – Free Trade Zones

In it's 2020 update to its report "Controlling the Zone: Balancing Facilitation and Control to Combat Illicit Trade in Free Trade Zones", the International Chamber of Commerce notes the unintended role free trade zones (FTZs) have had in contributing to counterfeiting and piracy.

The updated report notes increasing work by governments and authorities to strengthen enforcement, but notes there is still more to be done.

It is important to know that duty- and tax-free sales are not free zone sales. Duty free sales take place in a highly regulated retail environment e.g. airports, ports, ferries, cruise ships and land border shops, and their operations are governed by national customs authorities. Our supply chain is one of the most secure in the world with processes and technologies in place to provide for verification of registration, compliance, certification, review and audit.



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